The Cheetah
Latin name: Acinonyx jubatus

    The cheetah is a strange animal; it is much different from other big cats. While most felines (like lions and tigers) sneak up on their prey, the cheetah doesn't need to since it can run down any other animal; the cheetah can run as fast as 90 km/h (56 mph), around the speed of a car on the highway. Unfortunately, all that speed is tiring; it can only keep running for a minute or two.

    Because they are so well-known, cheetahs can be seen at zoos all over the world, but they come from a place in Africa (the Savanna). Their home is an open field, and they are never found in forests or jungles. They don't mind the dry climate, since there are plenty of gazelles and other antelope to chase. It definitely would not be easy to outrun a cheetah!

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