The Prairie Dog
Latin name: Cynomys ludovicianus

    Prairie dogs aren't really dogs; they're rodents, just like squirrels. Of course, squirrels and prairie dogs are certainly different in one very special way: prairie dogs build underground cities! These cities start when one prairie dog digs its burrow, and then another one decides to dig right alongside. Eventually, every prairie dog around chooses to live right beside all the rest; they certainly are sociable creatures!

    The prairie dog was once found across the North American prairies, but they were often driven out by farmers who didn't really like having burrows dug in their fields. The number of prairie dogs that used to live on the prairie is almost unimaginable, since they were found almost everywhere; one city of prairie dogs observed in 1901 seemed to take up an area of nearly 170 x 650 km, and was home to around 40 million prairie dogs!

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